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BSW is firing up the smokehouses at our new facility and we will be shipping as of September 15th!
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Smoked Sausage
Savor smoked Sausages running the gamut from international favorites and sophisticated mild flavors, to the bold and spicy.
Smoked Hams and Bacon
Our unique preparation methods and hardwood smoke assure outstanding taste
Liverwurst / Pate Spreads
Richly flavorful and textured, our spreadable pates are an event to savor. Be sure to check them out!
Smoked Butt
Delicious smoked tenderloin await your favorite meals
Smoked Sausages
As artisans of sausage, we are perfectionists of this craft. But don't take our word for it, try some today and see for yourself!
Breakfast Sausage / Bockwurst
Breakfast has never been better!
Cold Cuts
Spanning International favorites, our vast selection assures sandwich nirvana.
Slab Bacon
The ultimate flavor enhancer for your favorite dishes
Sliced Bacon
Only lean side-cut pork, dry-cure, and hickory smoke are used for this mouthwatering gem!
Hot Dogs
Here's where our hot dogs like to "hang out"!
Smoked Ham
Our third-generation family recipe and hardwood smoke guarantee your ham will be the star of the party!
Hungarian Salami
With a robust blend of spices and paprika, our Hungarian Salami is guaranteed to power up your favorite sandwich or cracker tray.
Breakfast Sausage
Our all-pork breakfast sausage is coarse ground with lean pork shoulder, pepper, and caraway. A good morning indeed!
We guarantee you'll love Oma's recipe of pasta dough stuffed with minced meat, spinach, onions, bread crumbs, herbs and spices.
Our pork-and-beef, hardwood smoked, semi-soft salamis are crafted from centuries old German recipes.
A very unique uncooked salami spread. Ready to deliver in time for lunch or appetizers!
Smoked Pork Chop
Delicious wet-cured and smoked pork loin. Fully cooked, this item is ready to be eaten cold, grilled, or heated as a pork loin roast.
Deli Liverwurst
Our Liverwurst pate consists of finely ground pork with a hint of natural hardwood smoke. Excellent on sandwiches and as a cracker spread!