Bethlehem Sausage Werke - Private Labels

With an extensive history and experience in gourmet deli meats and sausage-making, BSW are experts in private-label manufacturing. Whether you have a pre-existing recipe or a new idea, we can personally guide you in developing products that achieve the distinctive flavor you seek, yet remain cost-conscious and profitable for your company. BSW places no constraints on order minimums or sales volumes, our only restriction being that we only manufacture goods that meet our strict quality standards.

Additionally, for those seeking another sales outlet, BSW can also partner with you in marketing through our online retail sales portal. This presents a nice opportunity for customers to select from a variety of brands and products and allow you to achieve national exposure without additional overhead.

Our new facility is state-of- the-art, USDA inspected daily and third-party audit approved. We are also organically-certified. Located in the Lehigh Valley, PA., and in close proximity to several cold-storage facilities, BSW is positioned within major distribution netWerke thereby reducing delivery times and shipping costs.

Contact us to discuss your manufacturing needs or to arrange a tour of our plant.